FLC Healthy Habit 7

Do Not Eat Any Sweets or Drink Alcoholic Beverages

This is hard for some and easy for others. This is hard for me. I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy my wine. It is also a game changer for me and the extra few pounds I want to take off and keep off.

Bottom line, many sweets and alcoholic beverages can significantly add to your total daily caloric intake. Reducing the intake of these foods can dramatically contribute to a caloric deficit.

Diet drinks, diet desserts, soda, fruit drinks, frozen yogurt, frappacinos, cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, you know the drill- anything sugary, high in calories, and without any natural nutrition counts as a sweet. Diet desserts are also included due to the fake sweeteners, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and unrecognizable chemical ingredients they are made with that we’ll talk about more in the upcoming HH8.

Alcohol should be limited because it’s as full of calories as fat, is dehydrating, slows down your metabolism, increases the chance that you may overeat and may make you tired the next day.

This may be where your work starts. I recommend being realistic and with your health goals in mind, may gradual adjustments to your sugar and alcohol. If you tend to have dessert every night, pick three night a week to start and over the next few weeks move to two and one. Same with that glass of wine, beer, or booze. You will feel better and the pounds will follow.

Give it your best. Don’t give up when you have a set-back. Start each day with a focus on what you “get” to have with good health. My hope and goal for you is improved health, strength, endurance, energy and alertness, more patience, lighter attitude and enjoyment of endless fruits, vegetables and delicious healthy food.

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