FLC Healthy Habit 6

Eat At Least Six Fruit and Vegetable Servings per day, Excluding Juice

This is my favorite healthy habit. I do love fruits and veggies and I typically eat three to four servings a day, so adding a few more servings really helps me attend my satiety scale and stave off after dinner snacking.

The reasons are plenty for why this healthy habit helps with managing your diet. Fruit and vegetables, even the starchy ones, are low in calories. Since fruits and vegetables are high in water content, high in fiber they help you fill up faster and leave less room for higher-calorie foods. I also recommend you start with your salad or fruit before digging into the entree.

How to do it?

  • Plan ahead and map out your daily menu so you include a minimum of two servings of fruit or vegetables.
  • Grocery shop frequently and make sure your kitchen is stocked with yummy fruit and vegetables that are easy to access.
  • Prep and cut your fruits and vegetables so they are convenient to grab and go.
  • Squeeze a lemon on fruit to keep it fresh longer
  • Blend up fruit and vegetables that are ripe and about to expire.
  • Keep frozen fruits and vegetables on hand so you don’t have to worry about running out.
  • Drink a large glass of water. It is incredible how effective this is.
  • Go to sleep earlier. You can’t eat when sleeping plus getting adequate sleep enables you to make better food choices and improves your metabolism.

So orange you glad you can eat loads of fruits and vegetables! Get creative, try new produce. Make it fun for you and your family!

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