Fitlife Challenge – Getting Started!

Welcome to our 8-week fitlife challenge (
#8WKFLC). Starting today we focus on getting healthier, fitter, stronger!  It’s my goal to motivate, inspire and help you achieve good nutritional habits and an active lifestyle. Here’s a few housekeeping tips to help you succeed.
1. Ask a motivated friend to join you in this 8-week program. It helps to have a FLC Buddy who holds you accountable to show up and sweat for the next 8-weeks as you start to form a habit.
2. Download the fitlife challenge tracker.
3. List 1-2 specific and achievable goals to reach in 8-weeks and think about how these goals will improve your quality of life. This is a long term healthy lifestyle program. Weight loss happens if you follow the program at a realistic pace. You get out what you put into this program. 
4. Record your weight and measurements. I find that i usually lose about 3-5 pounds when I am following the fitlife. That’s my reality and i’m good with it. I also lose inches around my waist which is my tough spot. 
5. Social. Sign up for Strava so I can cheer you on in your workouts. Follow @fitlibby on Instagram for related posts.
That’s enough housekeeping! Let’s do this. Be sure to share your pictures, challenges, victories, fears, tips, recipes, and thoughts. YOU are why I do this.
To your health!
fitlibby 🙂

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