Endurance Adventure

Endurance Adventure

Rim to Rim/Recover/Rim to Rim Schedule

The R2R is the hardest hike I have experienced. It is demanding, humbling, and inspiring. It is a serious commitment to training, research, planning, and responsibility and… it’s worth it. The Grand Canyon is special, mighty, fragile and fierce. It touches you deep down inside. I’m hooked. I look forward to repeating my last hiking route and plan to train for 5 months prior in conjunction with my marathon training.

South Rim to the North Rim hike and back, covering ~48 miles.

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The “Why” behind setting goals.

A new year brings with it the chance to reflect on what do I want to add, change, create for myself in the months to come. I run Fitlife Challenges throughout the year but I see far more interest from my friends, family and members to invest their energy in their health come January.

It makes sense because we have this fresh new start after the holidays to look at January as a blank slate to map out what we want to accomplish. My wish for Fitlifers is to reflect on the next 12 months and taking the advice of Kelly McGonigal, Stanford pHD, in her newest book, The Joy of Movement, project out one year from now and decide what is one change you would most like to see happen so your future-self is grateful you made this change?

Is it adding a type of joy to your life (playful, creativity, adventure, etc) or potentially reduce a suffering (health related medications, the blues)? This vision helps support your resolve to change your approach to behavior. So when you start to list your goals, try to see how they align with your future-you values. This helps shift the focus from a shame-based, personal judgement that comes from diet deprivation or exercise torture perspective to the joy or freedom these new habits can empower.

Personally when looking at future-me I want to be sharp, strong and healthy so I can live a very active life involving travel and adventures with my girls, husband and friends with no limitations. Emotional health is also key. I find daily exercise keeps me grounded and emotionally more stable so I can show up better as a mom, and stronger at work. Therefore I want to keep that working for me (and I’m pretty sure everyone in my life wants me to keep that up as well!)

So take some time to reflect on your “why” and tie it to your goals. I think you may find it easier to wake up one hour earlier every day to move or to take pause when you find yourself eating something that makes you feel icky afterwards. I hope it helps.

Let’s do this! Welcome to your newest 30 Fitlife Challenge #30flc.

To your health.